25. jan. 2014

Little birdie

Tole obešanko sem naredila za Jano, v zahvalo za blog bombonček, ki sem ga dobila pri njej. ------------------------------------------------

I made this hanging for my blog friend Jana to thank her for beautiful blog candy she sent me.


Lep vikend!
Have a nice weekend!

22 komentarjev:

Jana pravi ...

O tale je pa moja. Se enkrat Ana, krasna je. Hvala za presenecenje. :-)

Words and Pictures pravi ...

It's gorgeous, Ana - lovely image, and such beautiful composition of the layered elements in the background. And the stitching around the edge looks so cool!
Alison xx

moi pravi ...

Krasna obešanka.

Astrid Maclean pravi ...

Oh this is wonderful Ana, totally love how you have layered the different elements behind that lovely bird image. The bit of hessian adds wonderful texture and the branch just finishes it off to perfection. Love it!!

Claudia N. pravi ...

Your friend Jana will LOVE IT, that's for sure, Ana!
Once again you did your magic on this lovely hanging....the stitching is so adorable...as are the colours and all the fabric, wood, fibres and ephemera you combined to form a truly enchanting piece of art.

I always leave your place filled with deep impressions, inspiration and the feeling of just having heard the most beautiful poem.

Thank you for your lovely words on my blog, my friend! They really made my day!

Big hug,

Claudia x

helena pravi ...

Oooooo, krasna obešanka. Očitno sva trenutno na isti valovni, jaz sem tudi med ptički...:):)

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff pravi ...

Hello Ana,
Another lovely collage from your gifted hands!
enJOY a sweet Sunday,

Anonimni pravi ...

Your friend will treasure this beautiful hanging.
I love your use of natural elements for your collage.

Klara pravi ...

Zelo je lepa. :))

Gaby Bee pravi ...

Your collage is absolutely amazing, Ana! Love all of the details and the lace you've added! Just perfect!

Gaby xo

Danica pravi ...

Tudi meni so všeč voščilnice v obliki obešank. Tvoja je čudovita!
Lp Danica

Martina pravi ...

Love your birdie hanging, dear Ana! So beautifully created:-)

Dorthe pravi ...

Gorgeous Ana-
beautiful layered background, and the sweet bird, so wonderful with the stamps...- I love how you sewed around both edges-

Paul Vanden Bossche pravi ...

Hi Ana,

On my website I have add a small article at


about paper crafting with the following text.

Real creatives make artful paper crafts, where the nature and the animals possibly as inspiration in appearance.

It sometimes takes a little time, patience, creativity, skill to make them.

By way of examples, you can see below some crafts from Ana K., a young Slovenian woman I met during our annual international meetings.

See more drawings on her blog [link]

Do you want also starting after seeing these crafts ?

Have fun and good luck with your own crafts.


Vladuška pravi ...

Cudovita je.

Alie Hoogenboezem-de Vries pravi ...

A great hanging Ana, love the earthy tones and the mixed media you've combined to this lovely peace of art!

Andreja pravi ...

Vau, čudovita obešanka :-))
Všeč so mi prav vsi detajli!

Ayaa pravi ...

Čudovito! Tvoje umetnine zelo občudijem. :)
Pokukaj še pri meni..

Metuljčica pravi ...

Čudovita obešanka, prelepo darilo. Pokukaj k meni, sem ti dodelila nagradico.

helena pravi ...

Prosim poglej na moj blog.

Janja pravi ...

Zelo je lepa. Lp

*Urška* pravi ...

Naravnost prekrasna.Tudi jaz se že dolgo spravljam delat obešanko.
lp Urška